Curriculum Vitae

Name: Romaniţan
Surname: Nicolae
Place of Birth: Cugir, Romania
Date of birth: 01 May 1991


2010-2013 - BA , Graphics, University of Art and Design, Cluj Napoca
2007-2010 - The High School of Music and Fine Arts, Architecture section - Alba Iulia
2007 - Diploma in photography and digital manipulation at Center of Culture
 Augustin Bena - Alba Iulia (with Professor Marius Moga Sr.)
2000-2007- Joined the painting courses  trained by Gabriela Vulkan at the
Club of the Children from Cugir.


Exhibitions, public projects and others

* ‘’ Colonia Hotel Lounge’’ collective art project @ Iuliu Maniu #3, Cluj-Napoca.

* ‘’Overthinking how to make a tea’’ group exhibition @ Launloc gallery, Cluj-Napoca.

* ‘’Carpathian Downhill’’ group project, Galerie HBK Saar, Saarbrucken, Germany.

* ‘’Boiling Point’’ collective exhibition at MATCA art space, Cluj-Napoca.

*   Video art project selected in Trashxplotation Festival, at H33, Cluj-Napoca.

*   Video art project selected for Piksel Savers Section @ Piksel 17 gallery, Bergen, Norway.

*   Video art project selected for Culture Night @ French Institute in Denmark, Copenhagen.

*   Video art project selected in Leap Second Festival@ Kongens Nytov Square, Copenhagen, Denmark.

*   Video art project selected in Internet Yami-Ichi Bruselles # 2, Brusseles, Belgium.

*   Video art project at Mimesis Contemporary Visual Art Festival no.5 @ Urania Place, Cluj-Napoca.

* ‘’Ending session ‘’ collective exhibition @ Urania Place, Cluj-Napoca.


*''Taming the Fox'' collective art exhibition @ MATCA art space, Cluj-Napoca.

*Exhibited the original drawings for ''The story of the Transylvanian Saxons.'' book, at George Coșbuc Municipal Library, Bistrița, Romania.

*'' How to make a cave nowadays'' collective project/exhibition at the Museum of Art from Cluj- Napoca, Romania.

* ''Things are temporary but their existence persists somehow'', group exhibition part of WAS (1st Worldwide Apartment and Studio Biennale), Cluj-Napoca, Romania.

* Participated in ''Carpathian Downhill'' art camp at Domeniul Artelor- The museum of Compared Art, Sîngeorz-Băi, Romania.

* Illustrated the ''Architect of my own demise'' book's cover, written by Nicholas Sögard, Coresi publishing house, Bucharest, Romania. ISBN 978-606-8877-11-2

*photo works published in Ro Tric magazine, Cluj-Napoca, Romania.

* ''launloc'' group exhibition at Launloc art Gallery, Cluj-Napoca, Romania.

* Illustrated ''The story of the Transylvanian Saxons.'' written by Ruxandra Hurezean, Scoala Ardeleană publishing house, Cluj-Napoca, Romania. - ISBN 978-606-8770-97-0


*#NSFW, photographic exhibition at Crina Prida Studio's Gallery- ''La Mansardă'', Cluj, Romania;

*(3x Fear + 3x Tear) is Near , drawing exhibition in Cugir, Romania;

* PARIA, collective drawing exhibition at Grota Art Crypt, Cluj Napoca, Romania;

* Unctountable pieces of us-an abstract poetry, video project (collaboration with Mocan Alexandra) selected  in  FONLAND VIDEO FESTIVAL, Coimbra, Portugal;

* Unctountable pieces of us-an abstract poetry, video project (collaboration with Mocan Alexandra) selected for the Jury Award 2015 in  60 Seconds Festival, KOS museum for kunst, Copenhagen, Denmark;


* Logo design for Lae Pecu, a  tradition bakery  from my natal city, Cugir; this bakery started its activity since 1950 and there are a lot of urban legends around it .

* Made the masks design and acted for "Un glonț pentru Sartre'', a video project directed by Ștefan Aganencei, a young Romanian director; some pieces from this video project are appearing in Le Vant- L'Extase music video ; - Cluj Napoca, Romania;

* Shot the Fuckd Up music video for Reckaze, Cluj Napoca, Romania;

* Illustrated the cover of the poems volume named '' Lucruri care se desfac si se sorb'', written by George Chiriac, Tracus Arte publishing house, Bucharest, Romania. ISBN: 978-606-664-236-1   


* Vuotociclo IV Sankta Sango , short animation shown at PAN ( Palazzo delle Arti Napoli), Napoli, Italy;

* Drawing exhibition at Cultural Center from Cugir, Romania;

* Illustration published in  Carevasazica magazine # 6, Bucharest, Romania;

Horizontal newspaper , in collaboration with Mocan Alexandra for a project of Dan Perjovschi, June 2013-June 2014 ongoing, Sibiu, Romania ;

* Installation Project Block # 3  in the context of University of Art and Design Graduation - at Expo Transilvania, Cluj Napoca , June 2013 ;

* Paradox, linocut group exhibition at Calpe Gallery, Timisoara, in the context of StudentFest 2013;

* Trainer of the Linocut Workshop, StudentFest 2013: Paradox , Timişoara, Romania;

* ''Some short lessons'', personal exhibition at Nadine Cafe, Cluj Napoca, Romania;


* '' Nine roads, 9 '' , collective exhibition at Cromo Gallery, Hațeg, Romania;

* ''turbid.'' , personal exhibition at Casa Matei Gallery, Cluj Napoca, Romania;


* Designed a logo for STC Star Transmission Factory and I drawn it with charcoal on a 2x5 meters long wall inside of STC factory in Cugir and another one in Sebeș, Romania.

* Selected  at Ffest | International Student Film Festival, with '' Tribute to the mud. '' experimental film, made in collaboration with Ironic (Alin Sterian), ; projections at the University Babeş-Bolyai - Cinema Studio, Cluj Napoca, Romania;

* Cartoonist at '' 1 Year of Caricatures and Portraits Night '' event with ARTileria group, at  Casa Tranzit, Cluj, Romania;

* '' From - to + '' collective exhibition with Atelier 35, at UAP Galleries, Alba Iulia, Romania;

*  Photo work published in ArtOut # 7 online magazine in monthly photo contest's section,  Bucharest, Romania;

 * Photo series published in ARTe # 12 online magazine, Cluj Napoca, Romania;

 * Prize for social photography at the 10 years anniversary of The Social Association - Diakonia, The Magyar Opera, Cluj Napoca, Romania;


* Joined ARTileria group and worked with them as cartoonist for a year in  Cluj Napoca, Romania ;

* Cultural exchange with KoninklijkAtheneum Anderlecht Bruxelles with works (Land Art Projects Photo Documentation) exhibited at Alba Mall , Alba Iulia, Romania;

* Pinhole Camera photography exhibition in cultural exchange with KoninklijkAtheneum Anderlecht Brussels at La Maison Culturelle Belgo-Roumaine,  Brussels, Belgium;


* Selected at the International Saloon Of Comic Art, XIX edition, organised by Jean-Pierre Dirick and won the special prize for colour expression, Constanţa, Romania

* Illustrated the '' Magic Stories for Children '' book, written by Ana-Maria Precup, Unirea Publishing House, Alba Iulia, Romania;

* Won the First Prize for visual arts  at the Lucian Blaga International Festival, Alba Iulia,

* Illustrated the cover of Reckaze's hip-hop album- ''Din lipsă de ocupație''

* Won the Second Prize at the National Contest of Graphics, Margareta Sterian, Buzău, Romania;

* Collective exhibition with the project ''Eco-House'' (coordinator Filip Adina), at Alba Mall, Alba Iulia, Romania;


* Collective exhibition at Trinity Art Galleries, Alba Iulia, Romania;

* ''The life around us '', personal photo exhibition  curated by Marius Moga Sr. at UAP Galleries of Art, Alba Iulia, Romania;

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